Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Night at the Opera

Last night I went to the opera to see Rossini's "Italian Girl in Algiers". It was fastastic-a classic Italian comedy. There was adventure, love, heartbreak, romance- the only thing missing from a classic Italian opera was the death. No one died in this one!

The Pittsburgh Opera Company was lucky enough to have Vivica Genaux come to town to perform the role of Isabella. She said that she performed her role "in a Mae West way, physically and vocally strong, or in a more seductive, sensual way". The price of admission is worth it just to see her performance. Not only did she have a fantastic role (the old Italian style arias with the wonderful drama and vocal fireworks) but her character had a very strong, feminist personality.

I do favor the dramatic operas with the death scene, and the stories of passionate, undying love. But this was a fun comical opera and just downright enjoyable. I also have to mention Paolo Pecchioli - he was hysterical in the role of MustafĂ . He could sing like nobody's business, but he was so funny as well. There were times where his expressions and actions reminded me of Mr. Bean. Yes- I love Mr. Bean, from way back to the HBO series!

So I recommend seeing "Italian Girl in Algiers" before it closes. In the meantime, I spent the evening at a restaurant, drinking wine and watching opera..... so today I need to get to the gym or the dojo to make up for my lazy night off.

Have a great day!

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M said...

Mr. Bean in an opera??? Sounds awesome, and strange!! Only you would find that parallel J-Wo.